In order to maintain our high standards and to continue the reputation that has made Lakeview Park a pleasant place to stay, the following rules and regulations will be enforced.

  1. The use of all recreational facilities shall at all times be governed by Lakeview Policy provided to each guest upon request.  All guest and their visitors use the facilities and premises at their own risk and liability.
  2. Total occupancy by guest is limited to not more than 6 persons per RV.  Only one trailer or recreational vehicle unit per site lot.  Visitor occupancy is limited to two (2) guest per RV at any one time.  Visitors are expected to comply with all park rules.
  3. The following are strictly prohibited: Firearms, fireworks and weapons of any kind.
  4. In order to preserve the residential character, no business, trade or profession of any type whatsoever shall be conducted from within any lot in the park ( other than occupied by the park owner) without the prior written consent of the management.
  5. Quiet Hours are 10:30pm to 7:00am (please respect your neighbor)
  6. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Parents are responsible for their children's safety and behavior and are reliable for their actions.  Children and teenagers should be at your site during quiet hours.
  7. Pets may not be left unattended outside at any time and must be leashed at all times.  Noisy or aggressive pets will not be permitted to remain on property.
  8. The speed limit is 5 miles per hour and is strictly enforced. 
  9. Washing vehicles or campers on the property is prohibited.  Vehicle repairs and / or maintenance are prohibited on the property.  There is space available for parking one or two vehicles.  Park only on gravel in your lot.  There will be no major repairs done on vehicles.  Boats may not be kept on the premises.
  10. Sites must be kept neat and clean at all times and never used as a storage area.  Only plants and outdoor furniture are permitted.  The site and other areas reserved for your private use must be kept clean.  All garbage must be placed in the dumpster.  No outside garbage cans or garbage bags.  There is a dumpster located on the right as you exit the park.
  11. Smoking is not allowed in any interior common area, including the laundry room.  Tossing cigarette or cigar butts on the ground is prohibited.
  12. No swimming or boating is allowed in / on the lake. You may rent a canoe in our office. Nothing shall be thrown into the lake.
  13. Laundry machines and appliances are used at guest's risk.  Instructions must be followed.  Clean out filters in washing machines before each load. Only low suds detergents are to be used in clothes washers.
  14. No open fires.  Fires must be contained in personal grills.  No fires can be left unattended.  Extinguish all fires before retiring for the night or leaving the area.
  15. Loss or damage: Lakeview Park tries to operate a safe environment, but we are not responsible for accidents, injuries or losses from any cause.  Members will use all facilities at their own risk. 
  16. Clotheslines are not permitted.  Washers and dryers are provided for your convenience.

Note that Lakeview Park is not liable for any bodily injuries or property damages caused by natural disasters, such as wind, snow, ice, hail, rain or vegetation. 


Recreational Area Rules

Swim at your own risk

Our Recreational area consist of the beach, swimming basin, and area surrounding them.

  1. Children 12 and under must have an adult accompany and directly supervise them while in the recreational area.
  2. All weak swimmers must wear a life jacket.
  3. Our recreational area is for registered guest and registered visitors only. No exceptions.
  4. Diving in the swimming basin is prohibited.
  5. Running, horseplay, or foul language in the recreational area is prohibited. Please keep conduct is a manner suitable for a family environment.
  6. Do not hold on to or play with floatation divider in the swimming basin.
  7. Swim suits only; no cutoffs, or street clothes in the swimming basin.
  8. Food and drinks are allowed except in the swimming basin. Pets and glass containers are not allowed any where is the recreational area.
  9. Swimmers who need diapers must use diapers designed for pool use. Diapers must be changed in designated changing area or restroom.
  10. Restrooms are nearby, please use these and not the swimming basin to relieve yourself.
  11. Dispose of all trash in designated receptacles.
  12. Headphones must be worn when listening to personal music or entertainment devices.
  13. Return all rentals to appropriate location before beach, swimming basin and recreation area closes.
  14. Our lifeguards, if on duty, have the right to remove anyone from the recreational area who is disobeying any rule or common sense. No fee refunds will be made in such cases.
  15. Lakeview Park LLC, reserves the right to refuse admittance into our recreational area when the capacity of the swimming basin has been reached when otherwise deemed best for the recreational use of all patrons.
  16. Report any incident or unsafe condition to management immediately at 337-457-2881. For all emergencies, call 911!




RV Sites Full Hook-Up (Water, Sewer, Electric) with complimentary WIFI

Rates include 4 people; there is an extra $5/day fee for each additional camper during the high season and a $3/day fee for each additional camper during the low season, total occupancy of 6 persons (2 Night Min. on weekends for reserved spots, walk-ins can enjoy one night stays based upon availability).

RV Rate Scale*

  • Low Season: (December - January)
    • Daily                  $32.00
    • Weekly               $160.00
  • High Season: (February- November)
    • Daily                  $38.00
    • Holiday / Special Events (Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day & Halloween Weekends, Beef Tongue Cook-off) $40.00
    • Weekly               $175.00
  • Monthly            30 Amp = $400.00, 50 Amp = $450
  • Mardi Gras   $45.00 (5 night min.)


Country Cottages (One Bedroom)

4 person occupancy, total occupancy 6 persons; .Additional guests will pay an additional fee each/per day**. (2 Night Min. on weekends for reserved spots, walk-ins can enjoy one night stays based upon availability)

Rate Scale*

  • Daily                $105.00
  • Weekly              $400.00
  • Daily Seasonal   $115.00
  • Each additional person $10 per night (not to exceed 6 people).
  • Week Night Special (Sun - Thurs) $75.00


Country Cottages (Two Bedroom)

6 person occupancy, total occupancy 8 persons; Additional guests will pay an additional fee each/per day**. (2 Night Min. on weekends for reserved spots, walk-ins can enjoy one night stays based upon availability)

Rate Scale*

  • Daily                  $125.00
  • Weekly              $475.00
  • Daily Seasonal   $135.00
  • Each additional person $10 per night (not to exceed 8 people).
  • Week Night Special (Sun - Thurs) $95.00



2 person occupancy, total occupancy 4 persons; Additional guests must purchase an armband.

Rate Scale*

High Season

  • Daily                   $20.00
  • Weekly               $100.00

Low Season

  • Daily                   $10.00
  • Weekly               $50.00
  • Daily Seasonal     $14.00

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations may be made with no penalty up to 48 hours (2 days) prior to the start of your reservation (Example: if your reservation starts on a Friday, you must cancel Wednesday before 1:00p.m. in order to not receive a penalty). Cancellations made within the 48 hours (2 days) prior to the first day of the reservation will be assessed a 1 NIGHT STAY plus tax per site reserved. Failure to cancel a confirmed reservation will incur the total amount of the reservation. 
NOTE: All cancellations for HOLIDAY WEEKENDS / SPECIAL EVENTS must be made 48 hours prior to check-in in order to not receive an additional charge. There will be a 1 night charge that is non transferable and non refundable upon reservations for all HOLIDAY WEEKENDS / SPECIAL EVENTS.


  • One night will be charged on all reserved sites one month prior to Mardi Gras
  • Cancellations made 2 weeks prior to Mardi Gras will be charged an additional night
  • Cancellations made 48 hours before your check-in date will be charged your entire stay

* Prices DO NOT include State and Local Taxes

* Rates, holidays, rules and policies subject to change without notice

* Holidays / Special Events: Halloween, Mardi Gras, Easter, Memorial Day, BBQ Cook-Off, 4th of July & Labor day.

** High Season Rates (April - October) $5 for Guest / All  other Rates (November - March) $3 for Guest except for holidays



RV Campers are issued up to 4 arm bands during time of stay, there is an extra $5/day fee for each additional camper for Beach access (total occupancy of 6 persons).

Tent Campers are issued up to 2 arm bands during time of stay, there is an extra $5/day fee for each additional camper for Beach access (total occupancy of 4 persons).

Day Pass

  • Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) $10/person
  • Weekday (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) $7/person
  • Tuesday Special (Tuesday Only) $5/person
  • Holiday $10/person
  • Children 3 and under Free

Beach Hours

  • Friday - Saturday 10:00am - 8:00pm
  • Sunday - Thursday 10:00am - 6:00pm

All campers and guests must understand and agree to abide by our rules and regulations upon check in.